Shutter Tours - Seattle's Top Photo Spots in .pdf format

Shutter Tours ® has created the perfect photo companion for your visit.

Seattle's Top Photo Spots!

The book is crammed full of information on the best spots to take photos in the city. Each page will have a photo tip like in the example below. We also list a bit of history or interesting fact to help you understand each location.

As an added bonus, we also include:
A Google maps link as well as a link to, so you can see what others have done with their photography in each location!

We have included some really fun images to help inspire you and give you COMPOSITION IDEAS.

Not sure about the quality of Seattle's Top Photo Spots? You can download a sample copy of the actual book to get an idea of how your purchase will look.

Works great on your iPhone

Help improve your photography skills with the tips and tricks

Universal .pdf format allows you to use on any virtually any device

Only print the pages you need for each location you visit. All the information is presented in a concise manner on a single page.

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